CTS Progressive Power 2
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  • This is your chance to take part in the immensely-popular and highly-effective training class led by Chris Carmichael and a team of CTS Coaches twice a week for eight weeks
  • Research shows that, on average, athletes who complete this series of classes experience a 12% increase in their maximum sustainable power
  • The whole program begins with the CTS Field Test, an essential workout that allows athletes to accurately determine personal power and/or heart rate ranges you will use in each subsequent workout
  • 15 one-hour workouts (5 discs) that follow form a comprehensive indoor training program based on CTS's proven coaching philosophy
Format DVD
Title1 Carmichael Training System
Title2 Progressive Power 2
BikePedia Item ID: 877872
Mfr's Part #: 21662-PP2
UPC: 718122966677

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